Formerly the Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital Weight Loss Program New York City NY.

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Online live expert healthcare programs lead by real experts, not computers or algorithms. That’s what makes the FitsMe Health™ difference.

FitsMe Health and Weight Management

Our program is about health and weight management. We believe you learn to manage these instead of trying to control them with restriction or other drastic measures, or looking for perfection. You create balance by adjusting when needed and finding what fits for you. Thus FitsMe!

A Little About Our History

Back in the 1990’s Betty Kovacs (registered dietitian) and Rich Weil (exercise physiologist) were working at the VanItallie Center for Weight Management at Roosevelt Hospital in New York City. That program closed, and then Dr. Xavier Pi-Sunyer, a physician and obesity researcher (with more than 600 publications) who ran the world-renowned Obesity Research Center at St. Luke’s Hospital (later to become Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital), also in New York City, asked Betty and Rich to start a weight loss program at the research center. They jumped at the chance.

For more than a year they planned the weight loss program and began in 2002. The program has treated thousands of participants over all those years, and then when the weight loss program closed at Mount Sinai, Betty and Rich decided to continue the work on their own and developed FitsMe Health™ and Weight Management.

To this day Betty and Rich have committed themselves to serving and helping people improve and transform their lives through weight loss and healthy living. Their work continues here.